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IMPEQ Consulting

General Procurement RFP consultants

Client Sector: Telecoms
Purchase Category: General Procurement
Country: Netherlands
Website http://www.impeq.com/consulting

About IMPEQ Consulting

IMPEQ currently employs more than 60 industry professionals. Our senior consultants come from a wide background in terms of experience and specialisms. Since starting IMPEQ Consulting in 2008, we are pleased to be able to demonstrate effective business cases with major contracts IMPEQ is a multi-vendor partner focused on maximising the inherent value of combining excellent people with the best technology, two key elements we believe are inseparable. IMPEQ’s experts are part of a company culture that has a leading track record of planning, and building and running some of the most reliable and innovative video delivery networks in the world. Customers spanning all delivery segments (satellite, cable, terrestrial and telecom) rely on IMPEQ for advice, products, solutions, integration, knowledge, validation and dedicated services, flexible talent, and operational support.

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