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Country: United Kingdom
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About Wincanton

We work with customers to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their supply chains, drawing on the vast range of experience and skills across our business. We understand what it means to our customers to have a lean, value-driven supply chain, and know how to help them to develop theirs so that they achieve the best mix of flexibility at the lowest cost. The way we deliver our supply chain consulting is based on the key principle of practicality. While we provide thought leadership to challenge the status quo, identifying leading-edge techniques, technologies and processes, we ensure that we work through the options in detail. This approach ensures that our solutions can be delivered in practice and are guaranteed to add value. We know that there is no instant solution that can be used to fix all issues and challenges, so plan and implement change in a way that empowers effective choices to be made by our customers which their issues. By drawing on skills from across the business, Wincanton provides real, hands on expertise that touches all areas of the value chain, from global sourcing, international freight management and multi-modal logistics solutions, through to tactical warehouse and transport solution design. We understand what best in class looks like in supply chain technology, and we can help our customers with other areas of their operations that often have very close interaction with their supply chain functions, such as people management, health & safety, training, procurement and more.

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